Vowels Fancy Formatted Version

The lessons about pronunciation in German are available immediately after you sign up for the course. While I do recommend that you spend some time working on the pronunciation lessons, I don't think it is as imperative as I once did. For that reason, these lessons are open from day 1. Tomorrow the first real lesson will be opened and you can start working on building vocabulary and learning how to speak German with example sentences.

This video contains all of the parts within this section of the curriculum. You don't necessarily have to watch this version of the lessons within this section, but if you would like a fancier version of things, this is available to you. Each part of this video has been broken down into more detail and allows you more time to practice what you are learning. If you choose to skip this part, you will not be missing anything, but the visuals are better in this video than they are in the following parts of this section.

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