Lesson 1: Inseparable Verbs

Learn how to use the inseparable prefix verbs in German (also known as “untrennbare Verben”) with this German grammar lesson. In this video I explain when to separate the prefix from a German verb and when not to. I also show you a list of the inseparable prefixes. You will learn how these inseparable verbs work and how to use a variety of inseparable verbs in German through a ton of example sentences. You will also learn how the inseparable prefixes change the meanings of the verbs.

In the extra materials below the video you will find a copy of the lesson script, an mp3 version of the lesson, 2 versions of verbs with inseparable prefixes lists, and a worksheet with answer key.

How to get the most out of this lesson:

  1. Start by watching the lesson and taking notes. Some students find it helpful to read along with the provided text of the lesson and take notes in the margins of that.
  2. Print the worksheet and attempt it without referring to your notes or the lesson script.
  3. Review your answers on the worksheet by looking back at your notes and the lesson script.
  4. Check your answers with the answer key.
  5. Fix any errors on the worksheet and try to find why your answers were incorrect.

Inseparable Prefix Verbs.pdf

Audiofile: Inseparable Prefix Verbs.mp3

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